About Design Chain Associates (DCA)

Focus and Mission

Founded in 2001, DCA helps manufacturers understand, comply with, and get ahead of environmental and social regulatory and customer requirements that affect their products in their markets.

DCA provides management and technical consulting services to manufacturers of discrete goods ("articles"), their suppliers (including software, hardware, material and chemical suppliers) and their customers in the areas of environmental compliance and performance, product sustainability, social compliance and supply chain management.

Simply put, that includes

  • Substance-based requirements like RoHS, REACH and California Proposition 65,
  • Design and supply chain management requirements for the Circular Economy,
  • Energy Efficiency requirements for such items as External Power Supplies,
  • Environmental Performance Standards like the IEEE-1680.x series,
  • Extended Producer Responsibility requirements like WEEE (e-waste),
  • Conflict Minerals, and
  • Component Engineering

Typical services include education and training, business process evaluation and advice, software database requirements definition and selection, regulatory baselining and ongoing monitoring, data collection / management / reporting, and as-needed consulting on regulatory and customer requirements.

Why "Design Chain Associates"?

Design Chain Associates, LLC (DCA) provides services that help discrete product manufacturers increase engineering, procurement, and production efficiency, product and operational environmental performance, and corporate profitability by ensuring that the optimal decisions about supply base and the environment are made during the earliest stages of the product lifecycle, and are built-in to corporate strategies and tactics.

Maximum supply chain robustness and optimized risk mitigation can only be achieved by applying appropriate focus, strategies, and business processes in the early stages of new product development or outside the product lifecycle process entirely; thus we are "Design Chain Associates", not "Supply Chain Associates".